Triceratupuz Lab
Realtime audio program to manipulate audio fragments in realtime; basically a combination of sound generation, volatile recorder/looper, processor.

date: 2017-03-27
tags: cabbage csound
A software that performs beat detection, metronome, sequencing, octaver, modulation, reverb and recording in realtime. Developed in python with wxpython and csound libreries.

date: 2016-11-19
tags: python csound
A software synth developed in python with wxpython and csound libraries.

date: 2016-04-04
tags: python csound
The files collection used to record Triceratupuz Netlabel release TPZ11, more info in the README file included.

date: 2016-02-13
tags: csound compile
The Microphonic input sound is passed throug 5 waveguides and 5 resonant low pass filters tuned on the same note but on different octaves. After this stage there are 3 delay units synced to a master tempo and finally everithing in a master reverb. Used Triceratupuz Netlabel release TPZ09 recording. Html5 GUI (tag CsHtml5). Created, tested and used on Csound for Android 6.04

date: 2015-06-07
tags: csound android

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