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Stephanus Farlooken - Ramificazioni [TPZ16]

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A composition with an awful lot of notes in the key of C major (D dorian).
The original short score was processed by recursively appling it's model to the notes (with a python software). Score to audio rendering with a couple csound programs.
Released in November 2017

date: 2017-11-24
tags: netlabel
The files collection used to record Triceratupuz Netlabel release TPZ16, more info in the INSTRUCTIONS file included.

date: 2017-11-24
tags: csound compile python
Teski Oppo is a sound generator based on the javascript web audio api, it's a sort of modular synth that allows to use the output of signal generators/modifiers to modulate parameters of other signal generators/modifiers.

Here the download link (just unzip and open the html file with a web browser).

Here the link to test it.

date: 2017-10-24
tags: web_audio_api
Le_Concreteur - Fournisseur de mauvaises nouvelles [TPZ15]

Front Cover Rear Cover

A collection of improvisations with various television news channels realtime processed with a smartphone (running the Organoise II Csound program).
Recorded, edited (just a little) and mastered at Triceratupuz Lab.
Released in May 2017

date: 2017-05-29
tags: netlabel
The microphonic input sound is passed throug 3 delay lines, 3 sound freezers and 2 independent reverb lines.
Html5 GUI (tag CsHtml5). Created, tested and used on Csound for Android 6.04

date: 2017-05-28
tags: csound android

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