Triceratupuz Lab

Tuner for equally spaced temperament instruments, instructions are included in the file.

date: 2013-01-13
tags: csound realtime
Monitor a MIDI port (declared in CsOptions), displays MIDI messages received and send them to the out port. It can create a log file for the messages received, if required.

date: 2012-09-02
tags: csound realtime
Sequencer, percussions, resonators and other stuff. The only instrument used in the recording of Triceratupuz netlabel release [TPZ03].

date: 2012-04-14
tags: csound realtime
A program to play "Clapping music" by Steve Reich in realtime. Is possible to choose the number of performers for the two parts and their accurancy (timing and sound intensity wise)

date: 2012-03-10
tags: csound realtime
8 Oscillators that can modulate (amplitude and/or frequency) each other combined with 3 step sequencers for percussive effects, binaural beats generator and reverb. Can save and load oscillators and step sequencers presets.
It is the only instrument used in the recording of Triceratupuz netlabel release [TPZ02].

date: 2011-08-13
tags: csound realtime
An Audio player developed with Prof.Alfredo Capozzi to be used as support in music teaching. All the functions are assigned to keyboart shortcuts. Instructions are at the beginning of the file.

date: 2010-09-10
tags: csound realtime
A small example of additive synth that use the idea of creating an overtone for each overtone's overtone with amplitude value being the multiplication of amplitudes of it's lower partials amplitudes. For comparison another instrument that have only the first five partials can be activated with the key "Addi".

date: 2010-03-22
tags: csound realtime
This version of "In C" for Csound includes all the ftables in the file and have an additional button to activate/deactivate simultaneously the 9 "performers". Developed and optimized with the help of Joachim Heintz and Andres Cabrera.

date: 2009-11-09
tags: csound realtime
A program to play Terry Riley's In C with 9 "performers" (plus the so called pulse). Each one has adjustable volume, pan pot and random volume and time variation to add a human feel. A reverb is included to simulate the room additionally is possible to save the performance in a stereo 44100 Hz 16 bit wave file. The archive contains 53 txt files for the 53 composition phrases and the csd file. Csound 5.00 or above is required.

date: 2009-10-20
tags: csound realtime
A free re-interpretation of Electro Harmonix ( Knock-Out stompbox based on the description given on their site. Presets can be saved (4 memory locations) since it uses opcodes FLsetsnap, FLloadsnap.

date: 2009-09-18
tags: csound realtime

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