Triceratupuz Lab
A software that performs beat detection, metronome, sequencing, octaver, modulation, reverb and recording in realtime. Developed in python with wxpython and csound libreries.

date: 2016-11-19
tags: python csound
A software synth developed in python with wxpython and csound libraries.

date: 2016-04-04
tags: python csound
Converts frequencies in wavelenghts (seconds), MIDI pitch, BpM. In almost all combination and vice-versa.

date: 2014-05-15
tags: python
Given a user defined notes sequence, provides musical intervals relations in matrix form.

date: 2013-02-24
tags: python
Text version of John Conway's "Game of Life". Field dimensions can be customized in the __main__ section of the code, shapes and their position must be added at the beginning of the simulation (when asked by the program).

date: 2012-09-02
tags: python

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