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The Triceratupuz Netlabel borns in 2010 with the aim to freely publish what is produced at Triceratupuz Lab without boundaries and without the need to pass though traditional distribution channels.

The releases can be downloaded free (via Internet Archive link), can be redistributed and derivative art can be produced if rules stated in licence CC-By-Sa are observed.

Le_Concreteur - Fournisseur de mauvaises nouvelles [TPZ15]

Front Cover Rear Cover

A collection of improvisations with various television news channels realtime processed with a smartphone (running the Organoise II Csound program).
Recorded, edited (just a little) and mastered at Triceratupuz Lab.
Released in May 2017

date: 2017-05-29
tags: netlabel
frantumHead - ididsoido [TPZ14]

Front Cover Rear Cover

Electronic impovisations based on the manipulation of phrases repetition, use of binaural beats, headphones are recommended.
Released March 2017

date: 2017-03-27
tags: netlabel
Spengg - Pappa Lausner Trice [TPZ13]

Front Cover Rear Cover

A collection of guitar (processed with fuzzboxes and software) improvisations; all tracks are realtime recordings without further overdubs.
Released in November 2016.

date: 2016-11-19
tags: netlabel
Not Ensemble - Capsicum before bed [TPZ12]

Front Cover Rear Cover

A collection of improvisations recorded between March and April 2016. All the sounds where realtime generated using the Dronedario software created by Triceratupuz Lab.
Released in April 2016.

A review by Recent music heroes site.

date: 2016-04-04
tags: netlabel
Stephanus Farlooken - Esagono [TPZ11]

Front Cover Rear Cover

Three compositions about the exagon. Pieces are composed of one voice per instrument (placed in front of the listener) plus 5 additional voices (generated manipulating note start and duration sequence) placed on the vertices of a regular exagon whose center is listener head.
Programmed and rendered al Triceratupuz Lab.
Released in February 2016

date: 2016-02-13
tags: netlabel

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