Spengger A software that performs beat detection, metronome, sequencing, octaver, modulation, reverb and recording in realtime. Developed in python with wxpython and csound libreries.

Dronedario A software synth developed in python with wxpython and csound libraries. Converts frequencies in wavelenghts (seconds), MIDI pitch, BpM. In almost all combination and vice-versa. Given a user defined notes sequence, provides musical intervals relations in matrix form. Text version of John Conway's "Game of Life". Field dimensions can be customized in the __main__ section of the code, shapes and their position must be added at the beginning of the simulation (when asked by the program). Text version of Chris Langton's Ants. Number of ants, their initial direction, and field dimension can be customized in the __main__ section of the code. A module to perform some operations on the height of a note in cSound octave.pitch class. A simple application for the generation of a text file containing the moltiplication factor list for the musical intervals (equally spaced in the frequecy domine) for a single octave (pratically chromatic scales with an intervals number different from the 12 typical of western music), a txt file containing the intervals in cents and a jpg file for the visual comparison with the 12-TET . Octave repetition factor could be different from 2 (also tipical in western music).
Uses PIL (Python Image Library)
temperator old version A couple of programs to convert TUIO messages in OSC compatible with Csound. Read from localhost 3333 (where TUIO sends), converts set and alive messages and transmits on localhost 5775. I've included in the archive example csd's to test data transmission.
Uses SimpleOSC library.